Relationship Intelligence from Conversations

Orchestrate work conversations that matter

Connect teams in real-time to orchestrate work that matters.

Dossier is an autonomous monitoring system for digital communications. It continuously monitors digital signals for any conversation in an enterprise, immediately looks up related data from systems of record like CRMs, combines it with human responses, detects responsiveness, and orchestrates conversations by making them visible to teams using their own apps–all in real time. This helps organizations improve business operations, accelerate collaboration, increase responsiveness, alert stakeholders, and deliver efficient customer service.

Intelligent signals across interconnected systems

Dossier syncs data and signals in real-time from digital platforms

Gmail, Outlook 365 and Exchange

First response time, status, client identity


Channel, team members, assignment, priority

Dossier Chat

Visitor identity, lead or account type


Deal size, days to close, company size


Opportunity size, days to close, company location


Task, completion status, assignment


Ticket, close status, assignment

OneDrive, Google Drive

Filename, owner, folder


Filename, owner

Accelerate handoffs across teams and systems

Our platform learns from every conversation, allowing teams to be proactive and collaborate to accelerate responsiveness to clients. Dossier is designed for teams that use separate applications and we break down silos by our “zero-sum sync”. Every team can continue to use their departmental apps such as Salesforce for sales, Asana for marketing, Zendesk for service, Gmail or Outlook, and Dossier keeps all conversations in sync across these disparate teams. Zero disruption to the ways you already communicate.

Pinpoint customer conversations by dozens of metrics

Digital transformation requires interconnected systems to be monitored. Sales and service technology systems like Salesforce are generating digital signals such as deal size, whether it’s in the forecast for this quarter, and days to close the deal. At the same time, email, chat, and Slack conversations with leads, customers and partners are happening in the millions across large enterprises. These digital signals from conversations and systems present insights that can be acted upon to improve customer experience and streamline business operations.

Propagate signals to Gmail and Outlook

Service improvements require alerting employees and stakeholders when critical signals are detected. Dossier’s relationship intelligence transmits data to the individual mailboxes of employees, so that they can prioritize their work. Employees can identify email from a client, know if there’s a deal in progress, and sharpen focus on those emails. Taking action on what’s most important is how enterprises can focus employees on business outcomes that matter.

Dynamic signals distributed to Slack teams

Detecting and taking action on customer signals is the responsibility of cross-functional teams that span sales, service and business operations. Digital operational teams must be able to separate important signals from the “noise” of thousands of conversations and orchestrate the right actions within an account or operations team. When dealing with customers or partner conversations, these actions must be taken in real time, while customers are online, or emailing, or chatting with one or more employees. Sending signals to Slack accelerates collaboration.