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Team up in Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack and Asana to collaborate on customer conversations, no matter where they happen.

An app for organizing customer conversations.

Dossier monitors employee and customer conversations in your email inbox, website chats, or in a web app they use. We sync messages, contacts, and files to apps your team already uses so they can collaborate on service requests, product feedback or sales questions. Ex. everyone uses Gmail or Outlook, yet salespeople use Salesforce or HubSpot, operations uses Slack, and support uses Asana. Each team uses their preferred app, and Dossier syncs it all.

Join 1000+ Teams Worldwide

Dossier is used by teams to build better customer relationships and a better business. Serving customer-facing teams like operations, support and sales, and internal client teams like helpdesk and marketing, Dossier causes zero disruption to the ways they already communicate.

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Zero disruption to the ways you already communicate.

Gmail, Outlook 365 and Exchange

Turn Gmail and Outlook into team collaboration

Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box

Organize files in email to folders in Box and Drive


Sync your inbox and reply to all email in Asana


Send contacts and sync email replies to Salesforce


Send contacts, email and chat transcripts to Hubspot


Add a Skype button to chat with website visitors


Add website chat to WordPress sites


Reply to lead or account emails and chats in Slack


Sync client email replies to
Zendesk tickets

All your customer email, chats and files in one place.

The communications app for service teams using Slack.

Client emails in Slack channels

Lead and account emails sync to Slack channels so anyone can reply in Slack

Website chat in Slack

Reply to chats and emails with the Slack mobile app

Increase visibility for account team

Securely allow account team members to see client conversations

Conversations have never been more organized in Asana.

Manage your email inbox in Asana

Sync all, only customer, or only employee emails to Asana and reply in Asana

Organize  email and files in Asana projects

Automatically save incoming or outgoing email and attachments to Asana projects

Increase visibility to or keep emails private

Privately sync your email inbox, or give your project team access to project emails

Like Caller ID for your web site or web app.

Talk to your customers

Chat live with website visitors and easily identify them when they return

All online channels

Send messages that they can see on email, on your website, or in a web app

Lookup Salesforce and HubSpot

Find contact details from your CRM and show that to service reps in chat

Analyze all conversational activity by week or year.

Find client emails, Zendesk tickets, or Asana tasks.
Switch to Customer mode to only review and respond to customer related requests.
Sync your Gmail or Outlook 365 inbox to create intelligent "dossiers" for each client.

A Salesforce updater that works so you don't have to.

Create contact records in Salesforce

Automatically publish contacts and emails to Salesforce without browser extensions

Send personalized communications

Use email templates to send mass emails and sync to Salesforce account records

Chat software that checks your CRM

Know when leads or clients you have conversed with come back to your site

100% cloud platform that's secure and fast.

Multi-tenant SaaS platform that syncs millions of emails daily.

Everything you need to communicate is in one app.

Email, Chat and Messaging
Communicate instantly with customers in the way they prefer.
Gmail & Outlook 365 Sync
All email, files and contacts in one place for your team.
Secure Customer Portal
Customers securely log in to view messages and pending tasks.
Email to Asana Tasks
Automatically convert email requests to Asana tasks.
HubSpot and Salesforce Sync
Update your CRM with contacts, companies and email.
Email to Zendesk Tickets
Automatically send customer emails to Zendesk tickets.
Website and In-App Chat
Messages, files, and tasks on your site or your app.
Skype Video and Audio Calls
One click Skype to start audio or video calls with site visitors.
Chrome Extension
Notifications and one-click access to customer conversations.
Share Screens
Take and share screenshots with customers for real time support.
Visibility without CCs
Securely see customer emails, even if you're not cc'd.
Search Conversations
Easily search for anything across all customer conversations.
Online Presence Detection
See when your app users are online and message them.
Email and Chat Templates
Send customers messages using email or chat templates.
Send to File Storage
Organize files from email to Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box.
Meet the Makers

The Dossier Team

Fact: at a previous company, the engineers managed a SaaS system that synced 1 billion Oracle records, every day

Vik Chaudhary
Vik envisioned Dossier at a previous SaaS company where customer communications were siloed. He was EVP of Products and Corpdev at Keynote, ex-Oracle engineer, and has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.
Gaurav Jagiasi
Gaurav manages AWS, Mongodb, Elastic systems to ensure users worldwide have a great experience. He has a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Vangelis Nikalaou
Vangelis has coded for 20 years in Java, Angular, Mongodb, Elastic. He syncs Gmail, Outlook to Asana, HubSpot and Dossier. He has a M.S. in Computer Science from National Technical University of Athens.
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh architected SaaS systems to be incredibly scalable, and is immersed in Machine Learning and high performing systems. He has a B.E. in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology.
Paz Gillespie-Cotton
Paz is always available to help customers make the best use of Dossier's features. She is working towards a B.A. in English Literature from Edinburgh University.
Su Piercy
Su demonstrates the power of Dossier to the world with well crafted documentation. She has a M.A. in English from the University of Calcutta.