Move over, Email. Asana's here.

Organize and reply to your email in Asana

All your project email  and files in one place–Asana.

Find client emails, Zendesk tickets, or Asana tasks.
Switch to Customer mode to only review and respond to customer related requests.
Sync your Gmail or Outlook 365 inbox to create intelligent "dossiers" for each client.

Watch this 2 minute explainer video.


Never say "where did that email go?"

Organize your client or project emails in separate Asana projects. Find them in Asana by clicking on the project.


Looking for all email from someone?

Want to find all emails from an employee or client in one click? With automatic Asana tags, you can find them quickly.


Blow through your inbox

You can scan and check off emails in Asana faster than in Gmail or Outlook. Quickly check it off in Asana, so it gets archived in your Gmail inbox and out of sight.